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As is customary when meeting new people, we’d like to introduce ourselves. There are four of us “Librarian Bibliofiles” here, and though we are of different genders, ages, passions, and interests, we all have bonded over our mutual love of young adult novels. Their compelling plots, dynamic characters, social commentaries, and amusing anecdotes have captured our hearts, and we’d like to share our love with you. Not in creepy way, we hope. More of a “GOOD GRIEF, THIS BOOK…..I JUST HAVE TO TELL SOMEONE ABOUT IT” kind of way.

What this means for you, dear reader, is that we are going to be reviewing young adult books as we read them. It may not always be a good review (what fun would that be?), but it will always be honest. Your responses are welcome! Whether you agree or disagree with our reviews, we’d love to hear what you have to say. Discussion makes books so much better.

If you’d like more specifics about the four of us, or would like to request one of us to review a book, please visit our about page!

Thanks for checking us out, and introduce yourselves in the comments! Tell us who you are, and what you like reading… that’s always a good pick-up line with us.


Happy Reading!


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Tyler Anderson

Co-blogger at Librarian Bibliofiles
I work at a public library in Kentucky. I spend most of my days reading YA fiction. When forced to other things besides reading, I am usually trying to keep a handle on coursework for my Masters in Library and Information Science.

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