A Smarty-pants Guide to Summer Reading

Let me just start by saying that there is nothing wrong with reading fluff in the summertime. Fluff is delicious and fun, but in this season, I also like to sink into something more challenging than I would dare during a school year. So, if you, like me, want books with both summer themes AND substance during these months with greater leisure, here are my suggestions.

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As is customary when meeting new people, we’d like to introduce ourselves. There are four of us “Librarian Bibliofiles” here, and though we are of different genders, ages, passions, and interests, we all have bonded over our mutual love of young adult novels. Their compelling plots, dynamic characters, social commentaries, and amusing anecdotes have captured our hearts, and we’d like to share our love with you. Not in creepy way, we hope. More of a “GOOD GRIEF, THIS BOOK…..I JUST HAVE TO TELL SOMEONE ABOUT IT” kind of way.