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Kelly has what some would likely call an “unhealthy obsession” with manga, but is using that to work on a young adult anime and manga club at her job at the local public library. She also has a penchant for trashy romance novels, science fiction and fantasy (with a good dash of steampunk), and, of course, young adult fiction. She has a BA in International Studies and intends to go back to school for her MLS once student loans seem less intimidating.

Mary Lou here.  I have spent the last ten years working with teenagers at my public library.  When I started this job, I thought it might be a good idea to read some young adult lit, you know, so I could like…relate.  As the mother of young teenagers, I have to admit that at first, it was shock and awe.  One of the first YA novels I read involved a teenage anorexic girl who finds healing in an incestuous relationship – it did not go down well.  (I do feel empathy for the parents who come to me complaining about the content of some of the books, but I try to encourage them to read more and read deeply.  And I am happy to say that we have never, in my years at this library, removed a book from the teen area due to a complaint.)  But now, hundreds of books into my exploration of teen lit, I can say I really love the genre.

I don’t have a favorite in regards to fantasy vs science fiction vs. realistic fiction vs romance.  I just like good writing.  A good writer can make any story worth reading – BUT that is just my opinion!

So what else do I do?  I lead book discussions, both face to face and online, do lots and lots of booktalks in local middle and high schools, and spend a lot of time talking to young people who wander into our Young Adult section.  I also advise a group of creative and energetic young people who serve as our library teen board, whose job it is to provide a big menu of programming for the youth in our community.

I look forward to sharing my opinions on this blog as well as hearing yours.

Stephanie has been a library employee for 5 years and a lifelong library patron. She adores reading, but also happens to forget the majority of what she’s read as time goes on, leaving her with only general feelings to describe most books. Her primary focus and love in life is teaching, which fits in nicely with her love of books. She also enjoys being judgmental and obsessive about proper grammar.

Tyler is a Circulation Clerk at a public library who amazes his fellow library workers with his ability to read two things at the same time. He continues to read astonishing amounts of Young Adult Literature while completing his BA in History. He plans to pursue a MLS and work in Young Adult Services.